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Joi Ito

Human beings are omnivores. We are designed to eat meat and some types of vegetables and fruit. In many areas of the world such as the arctic where the Eskimos live, there are very few plants. If human beings were unable to hunt for animals and eat meat, they would not be able to survive in these areas.

Herbivores are animals that only eat vegetables and fruit, and carnivores only eat other animals. Other omnivores include racoons, bears, pigs, and flies.


I don't hunt animals, but I have heard from people who do that they hunt because they enjoy a closer connection to nature, or that it is fun like a game of tag. Sometimes this sounds silly when they hunt with high-tech guns, and the animals they hunt don't know about the game.

Joi Ito

Since our ancestors probably did a great deal of hunting, it's probably instinctive to enjoy hunting. I think our morals have developed faster than our insticts in this case.


For some wildlife (deer, for instance, in some places) hunting is the only way their numbers can be kept under control.


Other people hunt because they want to eat meat, but don't want to buy it in a store. They think it's better to hunt their own meat, because it shows more respect for the animal they're eating.


I am in the middle of hunting country. Arkansas. I am not a hunter but my wife's family is. They hunt because they enjoy the enjoy "wild" meat as opposed to the steroid enhanced store meats. They also raise their own cattle to eat.


there are several members of my family who "hunt". they go out into the woods and sit there, enjoying the nature, listening to the animals, and spending some time alone. but they never really shoot anything. because it's always cold in michigan during hunting season, i think that they're crazy. i think that i would probably freeze sitting out there.


people hunt animals because there's nothing good on tv and the shops are closed!

Jeff Reich

I come from a very rural part of the country and know of people that hunt because they have to. They can't get to grocery stores except maybe three or four times a year. They still raise all of their vegetables and fruit and hunt to provide food. While they are a small minority hunting for them is an essential part of life. Why can't they get to grocery stores? Some people still do not have cars or jobs as we think of them today. Instead they have land very far away from cities that they work and live on; this is their way of life. And working that land includes killing animals for food and even killing animals to sell to others.


Picking up where "ct" left off:

For some wildlife, hunting is what keeps their overall numbers high. If no-one hunted deer, for instance, then no-one would keep the land that deer need to live undeveloped. It would probably be bulldozed and turned into farmland or strip malls or houses.


In some places where people are very poor, but where there is a lot of land, people still hunt because it is a cheap source of food.


Some people hunt because it is more natural and humane than factory farming (animals/meat that you buy at the grocery store were typically treated very badly so that they could become food). My wife and I have both been vegetarians for years, but our son was 14 when we adopted him and had been eating meat for so long he was afraid not to. We let him hunt with his uncle because we feel that is at least better than buying the store bought meat that is bad for him and the environment, not just the dead animals.

Todd W.

Some people hunt because it is challenging, which could be why some people call it a sport. Tracking and shooting game is hard. I went hunting when I was a kid (14 or 15) and found it to be pretty boring, really. It's nice to walk around in the woods, but carrying a gun (or a bow) and trying to be quiet all the time can wear you out.

I know people who hunt because they don't have the money to buy all the food their family needs at the grocery store. A hunting license can provide them with all the food they need for many months and they can even sell some to make a little money. If they couldn't hunt, their kids wouldn't have a enough to eat. This isn't the main reason people hunt, but it is common enough.

Donna Youmans

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