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These are very interesting questions! Native American culture is very diverse - that means that different Native cultures have different values, languages and customs.

Some Native Americans live very traditional lives, while others live a lot like some of you do. Some live in small communities in the arctic (like the Inuit and the Eskimo)and others live in the desert (like the Hopi and the Zuni). Some live in cities like yours all over North America. Most Native people wear clothes like yours, although they may wear more traditional clothes for celebrations.

Native tribal names usually describe the people according to where they live or what they do. For example, the Tsimshian are "people of the river" and the Hopi are "peaceful ones". You can learn more about Native tribal names here: http://lowprice4u.com/TheSource/TheSource.asp?PageID=146

Corn originates in the Americas - it has been grown here for at least 7000 years. That's a very long time! When I worked as an archaeologist in the American Southwest, we found ancient corn cobs in many colours - and they were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Over the years, corn changed. Today's corn cobs are much bigger and sometimes the only colour you see is yellow. But even today, where the Hopi and the Zuni live, you can still get blue, red and white corn too.

The National Museum of the American Indian is also a wonderful source of information for your questions:

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