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Hi again! (I thought I was done writing to the Class today, when I wrote "Have a GREAT weekend", earlier this afternoon!!)

"Also, like David, I wonder why people most of the time say king."

Well, that IS a good question, also!

It has been a pattern, and still is in some ways, that Males, or men, would be the Kings and Females, or women would be the backbone of the Kings. But there have always been exceptions to this rule, like Queen Elizabeth and the Queen-of-the-Nile, and Margeret Thatcher, to name just a few.

And if you've ever looked at how BEE HIVES look like, you'll notice this particular animal is very much centered around a Queen.

So there are more exceptions to this rule, than some have noticed on this thread.

Anyway, there's the old saying, "Behind every GREAT man, is a GREAT woman". But it has always been so that behind a great woman, is a great man, because they help each other.

Nowadays, in the United States and other places around the globe, what-is-called "labels" like "Male" and "Female" are EXTREMELY important to some people.

In my opinion, perhaps more than needed.

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