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I dunno for sure who K.J. is and who V.Y. is, or how old they are. (That's a FACT!, which can be confirmed by K.J. and V.Y. as well as myself.)

Some day, if you have not yet, you will learn about the "Solar System" which is the Sun and all the planets and moons and such. Earth, in my opinion, is the King of this jungle called the Solar System. That is my opinion, because it is a fact that the Earth is either the only, or the main, planet to have life on it.

In my other post, I didn't say which was fact and which was opinion, because I usually wanna let the reader learn how to decide for themselves!!

And they will find that some things that were presented as facts are a lot more like opinions, if they re-read this thread over the years, as they grow up and learn new stuff.


And, uhhhhhh... Btw (meaning By The Way), please excuse my poor English here.

Mebbe laterz, boyz and girlz.. Have a GREAT weekend!!

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